February 26, 2011

Luns - Subjective Women (2010)

Some of the best instrumental beats I've heard in quite some time. A change of pace for the followers/readers of this blog, but you won't be disappointed, I promise you. Neck-cracking rhythms and samples that go all over the place, dabbling in warbly synths, brass instruments, breakbeats, slow grooves, and more. Any fan of early Brainfeeder and instrumental hip-hop in general will have a fun time with this.

"This is a year's worth of work. Random instrumental and sampled tracks that have each been breastfed and housebroken accordingly. Do not expect a cohesive album. They had no home and my music has moved in a different direction. Please give them a home in your head." - Luns

February 8, 2011

The Future Sound of London - Accelerator (1991)

A classic of epic proportions. This LP was way, way ahead of its time. Considering that a lot of these tracks were on previous EPs and predating the LP by a couple of years even, you can't help but be astounded. "Papua New Guinea". It is the full version too. That track alone never fails to send a shiver down the spine and set off feelings of all encapsulating joy. Show me one LP of electronic music from the same year that comes anywhere even slightly near to sniffing around its heels and I'll eat my hat. A piece of electronica history that without any doubt paved the way for many followers. Warp Records in 1991 didn't even get near this! An absolute giant killer.

The KLF - The White Room (1991)

A great record whose entertainment is beyond the wit and self-assurance of the average snobby late-teens "IDM" enthusiast who is afraid to admit he plays Pokemon to his friends. This record is not to be taken too seriously, not much KLF stuff outside of the early singles, 'Chill Out' and 'Its Grim Up North' is. It is however good music, with catchy loops, sterling production and even some hints of Acid buried under all that poppy varnish.

Syntheme - Lasers 'N' Shit (2009)

Lasers features twenty tracks of raw acid, a daunting task on paper, but it’s to Louise Wood’s credit as an artist (and sequencer) that I never once felt compelled to skip ahead. In addition to her acid chops, Wood’s an adept selector of panting disco vocals. Dig those vocalized cuts on Mimtro, sexy but odd enough to suggest Wood’s intentions lie to the left of pure dance floor fodder. Xwc, meanwhile, features a deep male voice breathing out what sounds like ‘push it’ on repeat, letting off steam over a sweaty electro workout. Wood is also prone to scale things back from the 4/4 kick pound at points, such as on the mysterious minor chords of "144a Acacia Overdrive" or "FabaceaeCPea"’s detuned analog screech and sequenced cymbal and snare rushes (with a vocal sample that, unbelievably, sounds like its gibberish title). Great release, grab it!

D'Arcangelo - Shipwreck (1999)

Really enjoyed this release, it's a collection of their works from 96-99 and still stands up well in today's market of hyper glitched electronic; the opener is a sweeping slice of 808-induced techno before blasting off into full on broken beats and catchy hooks. Recommended!