May 25, 2010

Blog Posts until Late August will be Few and Far Between

Due to a situation that I cannot prevent, there will no new posts on this blog until August 22nd. The connection in the residence I am currently using (at the moment) will not support quick uploading of any type, due to a bad wireless router + high ping. This problem may change, and I will definitely let all of you know if and when it does.

I request that my loyal followers do not abandon the blog, because I'm doing this for you guys, because I care! :) There may be the odd post here and there, but the system of 2-3 posts per day will not be going on until Aug. 22. I am thinking of a weekly post, not sure yet.

I am so sorry about all this, I do feel quite bad about it all, and I wish I could change things for the better. Hopefully, you will all continue to use the many posts (Wow, I didn't even know it was 100+!) I've put up here already, continue to look for the occasional post here, and remember that I will be back in August in full force. Thanks for your understanding.

May 24, 2010

Kerrier District - Kerrier District (2004)

On the third listen to this leftfield disco house album, raccoons were crawling on my roof looking for the sound of "Let's Dance and Freak". Somehow Luke Vibert has managed to tap into the tonebank of shy nocturnal beasts' mating call. The more aggressive of two seemed to want to jump off the roof on top of me until I snapped some flash photos, unintentionally, scaring off the entire gang of ring tailed bandits. The night vision pigments of their eyes created glowing bright orange orbs with the flash.

For Rephlex, Luke Vibert has decided the transpose the acid revival he forefronted with 2003's Yoseph to Italo disco which others would probably not associate with the acid sound in the first place. This LP draws a quite bit from the recent and more distant past of disco, funk, and earlier electronic music, and yet comes out as something that is clearly grounded as music for the future. Perhaps a vocal number could have made it even more well rounded, but it is excellent on its own.

May 23, 2010

Jodey Kendrick - Indus Silver Club (2009)

Rephlex delivers a tantalizingly anonymous and unadorned 12" of machine funk specials from new signing Jodey Kendrick. He's quite obviously heavily inspired by label head Mr. Richard James but Jodey has considerable skill and small twists of his own in the hyper-kinetic patterns, melodic motifs and keen rhythmic force that earns him much respect in his own right. 7 tracks of Analordin' acid, techno and human/machine rhythm conversations with a seal of approval from the big ginger one upstairs.

Aleksi Perala - Boom Blaster (2009)

Longtime Rephlex fixture Aleksi Perala provides Catalogue number 205 for the label with widely ranging and often surprising cuts of electronica and minimised techno. It ranges from breakbeating grimy flavours to rude acid house (Rephlex style) and lush electronic harmonics taken from the top drawer of his hard drive. It's a highly disciplined excersize in crystallized techno rhythms, paying lots of attention to the stunning subbass while pristine hi-end patterns reminiscent of Mika Vainio or Radboud Mens keep time with atmosphere puncturing clarity. Ace.

May 6, 2010

Take - Only Mountain (2010)

A dense and groundbreaking work, Take's Only Mountain stands as a staggering collection of gorgeously brilliant melodies and deep subharmonic bass. Truly future music towards a brighter end.

Enduser - 1/3 (2010)

After almost 2 years here's the new proof why Enduser is one of the biggest names in breakcore. If you're familiar with Lynn Standafer's musical output or ever had the chance to witness one of his electrifying livesets you know that there's not one logical argument NOT to get this record. For everyone else here's the ultimate pick to experience what makes this artist so special. 1/3 (that comes with a beautiful artwork, that has to be mentioned at this point) is the distilled energy of punding drums, catching melodies and basslines that wait for just the right moment to kick in and rage deep in your guts. Many have tried to play king but the ace is back.

May 4, 2010

SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross (2006)

Ross Ross Ross is the title of the French artist's 2006 EP, following on from 2005's Smoking Kills which upon listening to cuts from it, it just might be one of the best releases of the year. These tracks "Ross Ross Ross" and "Walkman" are glitchy, edgy and slightly dirty which cut and diverge spilling blood and sweat over everything they touch. Plus they possess an impossible to deny invocation to rise from your chair and dance stiff-legged across the floor.

Hautlle - Broken Past (2010)

The prefixes "emotional electronica" and "organic electronica" worry me quite a lot. What is meant by them exactly? If one means electronica that is emotive and sounds organic (whether or not this is the process by which it has been made or not) then Hautle would, for me, be an excellent example of both of these things. The track in question, "If You Were Me (And I Was Someone Else)," clunks along like a rusty oil can full of car parts and broken glass rolling across an open landscape - both rhythmic and naturalistic - accompanied by the low howl of airy synths blowing like the wind through overhead telegraph wires. Then the melody cuts in – a desperately lonely staccato joined only by an organ’s mournful wail, the whole thing gradually building into a scratch-chorus of desolation…I felt extremely moved by the whole thing.

May 2, 2010

Ras G - El-Aylien Pt. 1 (2010)

Introducing part one in a two-part 2010 Leaving Records dombination from Los Angeles-based producer Ras G. Undoubtedly focused and expansive, El-Aylien Part 1 is a cosmic exhibit in sonic explorations of collage and rhythm. The EP, to be released on both cassette and digital-format, features remix contributions from Los Angeles' dak, and GB.

May 1, 2010

H.P. Sneakstep - The Swarm (2010)

New craziness from Dr. Sneakstep, this time covering the theme of insects and bugs. Very entertaining album with high re-playability. My current favorite is "Woody"; the sounds make me feel like I am trapped in a beehive with millions of bees flying around me, all to the soundtrack of unsettling melodies shooting back and forth through the channels. Do not sleep on this one, this is the future of electronic music (or where it should be going!).