May 25, 2010

Blog Posts until Late August will be Few and Far Between

Due to a situation that I cannot prevent, there will no new posts on this blog until August 22nd. The connection in the residence I am currently using (at the moment) will not support quick uploading of any type, due to a bad wireless router + high ping. This problem may change, and I will definitely let all of you know if and when it does.

I request that my loyal followers do not abandon the blog, because I'm doing this for you guys, because I care! :) There may be the odd post here and there, but the system of 2-3 posts per day will not be going on until Aug. 22. I am thinking of a weekly post, not sure yet.

I am so sorry about all this, I do feel quite bad about it all, and I wish I could change things for the better. Hopefully, you will all continue to use the many posts (Wow, I didn't even know it was 100+!) I've put up here already, continue to look for the occasional post here, and remember that I will be back in August in full force. Thanks for your understanding.

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Anonymous said...

need new posts!!