May 24, 2010

Kerrier District - Kerrier District (2004)

On the third listen to this leftfield disco house album, raccoons were crawling on my roof looking for the sound of "Let's Dance and Freak". Somehow Luke Vibert has managed to tap into the tonebank of shy nocturnal beasts' mating call. The more aggressive of two seemed to want to jump off the roof on top of me until I snapped some flash photos, unintentionally, scaring off the entire gang of ring tailed bandits. The night vision pigments of their eyes created glowing bright orange orbs with the flash.

For Rephlex, Luke Vibert has decided the transpose the acid revival he forefronted with 2003's Yoseph to Italo disco which others would probably not associate with the acid sound in the first place. This LP draws a quite bit from the recent and more distant past of disco, funk, and earlier electronic music, and yet comes out as something that is clearly grounded as music for the future. Perhaps a vocal number could have made it even more well rounded, but it is excellent on its own.

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