February 27, 2010

Away for the Weekend

Won't be posting much if at all this weekend.

Got some good surprises for you late Sunday!

February 25, 2010

Acidburp - The End Remixed (2010)

Just heard about this little one a few minutes ago! There are monster remixes here, and they still manage to capture the same sound and ideas of the first album. If you enjoyed Acidburp's original record, one of acid melodies and slow breaks, but somehow sounded like something Boards of Canada would make if they ever made this type of music, get this now!

Gas - Pop (2000)

This is one of the most haunting pieces of music I've ever heard. I'm not sure what my exact feelings are, but it puts you into a sort of dreamlike state. The music is quite peaceful, yet totally alien and emotionally ambiguous at the same time. I could interpret this as pleasantly blissful or eerily haunting depending on my state of mind, and that is a very unique quality. Probably one of the most famous ambient albums in the past two decades, Wolfgang Voight delives a true classic that will be remembered for ages.

Dimlite - Runbox Weathers (2005)

Probably the closest thing to Prefuse I've posted here, Dimlite comes through with a fantastic debut album. Runbox Weathers is an explosion of leftfield electronic/trip-hop with melodies and beats that could make the toughest man wear a smile. It incorporates many styles from over the years, including jazz, samba, and a little '60s-'70s soul as well. My personal favorite, "In Groups To The Hydrandd (Album Edit)", is an absolute monster; it starts off slow and continually rises in energy, busting out beats, vocal samples, and rhythms like it's going out of style. The track culminates in a rousing plethora of detuned synth samples and low-end madness. If this is the kind of work that you enjoy, I would grab this album as fast as possible.

Daedelus - Righteous Fists Of Harmony (2010)

Forgive me for not posting in the last few days, been terribly busy. Back to the topic at hand:

Daedelus comes back with another EP for 2010. This one sounds like a throwback to his classics Of Snowdania and Exquisite Corpse. This is not as good as those two albums, but it's definitely an interesting sound built up from the ideas he's had over the years. Much, much better than his previous album, these off-kilter electronic tracks work amazingly well, cuddling you with synthesized beats and sounds reminiscent of the happy melodies of the past. Even a couple of the ambient tracks here surprised me at how easy they create a mood of easiness and freedom. Pick this up!

February 22, 2010

Autechre - Oversteps (2010) (edit: now includes 24-bit WAVs link)

Does anything need to be said here? All in its 320 kbps glory. If you're smart, you'll download this. 24-bit WAVs (!!!) will be uploaded later tonight.

The 24-bit high-quality WAVs are about 1 GB total, and took quite a while to upload, I apologize for the wait and the many files. I can hear a difference between 320kbps and 24-bit WAV, but not everybody can. There are some incompatibility issues with 24-bit WAV and some portable players, software, etc., do a little research on the encoding firsthand. 320 is probably fine, but if you're an audiophile or just want to hear Oversteps as perfect as possible, pick this up.

February 21, 2010

H.P. Sneakstep - H.P. Sneakstep's Educational Tours Vol. 1 (2010)

Independent release by H.P. Sneakstep. Good futuristic acid music with very good twists to the genre. Not much to say about this one except that it's very good, a worthy download.

Delarosa & Asora - Backsome EP (2000)

Delarosa & Asora is the more downtempo Scott Herren (of Prefuse 73 fame) project. Some of the tracks on this EP are reminiscent of his Savath y Savalas project which is also very Downtempo. Like most artists like Scott Herren it's hard to explain their style in words because there aren't any to do it with. But if I had any choice of words to describe this EP it would probably be "chill". It gives you this overbearing feeling of calmness. This CD is perfect for listening to when you’re just chilling in your favorite chair at home and sipping at a drink with your thoughts. That's the easiest way for me to explain it. If you're into the more downtempo/electronic side of Herren, this is for you.

Danger - 9/17 2007 EP (2010)

Danger is the alias of Franck Rivoire, an electro producer from Lyon, France. His work is influenced by both video game music and 80s soundtracks. Danger strives to paint pictures of particular settings and time periods with his music. On his third EP, 9/17 2007, the atmosphere is dark, urban, and modern. About the imagery behind standout track "4h30," Danger said, "I imagine myself walking down a dark alley, alone, while a group of cyberpunks dressed in a Madmax style stare at me, I see Harrison Ford investigating [from Blade Runner], and Maurice Dantec [science fiction writer]." The entire EP is a fantastic example of bangin' electro music in the style of Kavinsky. Pick it up!

February 20, 2010

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Available For Pre-Order

Flying Lotus 'Cosmogramma' Tracklisting
3/4th May 2010


01. Clock Catcher
02. Pickled!
03. Nose Art
04. Intro//A Cosmic Drama
05. Zodiac Shit
06. Computer Face//Pure Being
07. ..And The World Laughs With You ft. Thom Yorke
08. Arkestry
09. Mmmhmm ft.Thundercat
10. Do The Astral Plane
11. Satelllliiiiiteee
12. German Haircut
13. Recoiled
14. Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
15. Drips//Auntie's Harp
16. Table Tennis ft. Laura Darlington
17. Galaxy In Janaki

February 18, 2010

edIT - Crying Over Pros For No Reason (2004)

Extremely well-produced acid step/glitch-hop on Planet Mu Records. Beautifully recorded guitar sections coupled with subtle glitch beats; this album reminds me quite a bit of Prefuse 73's earlier work with hip hop fusion, but it sets itself apart with an unique sound that includes small field recordings, broken melodies, and spazzed-out samples. edIT has his own sound, and it's darn good. Go grab this.

Vitalic - Flashmob (2009)

Quite possibly the best experimental techno album of 2009. Vitalic surpasses his 2005 debut OK Cowboy by leaps and bounds, creating soundscapes not heard since the dance heyday of the '90s. The title cut "Flashmob" sounds like the love child of Justice and Lindstrom, with detuned synths, closely programmed head-maddening rhythms, but not crazy enough for the listener to get too sucked in to. Child vocals and quick grooves are all around this album, creating a crazy but subtle listen at the same time.

With this release, Vitalic owns the electronic dance genre. Dance albums aren't made like this anymore, and it's a treat for anyone here to pick this gem up.

Burial - Rarities & Unreleased

We all know who Burial is, and if you don't know, then shame, shame on you. Arguably the most famous (and mysterious) dubstep/post-garage artist in the world, Burial creates atmospheres of hopelessness, dread, all the while surrounding himself with broken beats and ethereal vocals that sound near ghostly.

Here is a collection of some Burial rarities, some which can only be found in radio mixes or on Youtube, all here for your downloading pleasure. Have at it!

True Love VIP
Lambeth (played on Benji B's 1xtra Show)
Untitled Track II (played on Benji B's 1xtra Show)
Feral Witchchild (sample)
Archangel (8-Bit Boy Remix)
Archangel (Leif Remix)

February 17, 2010

AFX - 2 Remixes by AFX (2001)

2 remixes by Aphex Twin. "Flow Coma" by 808 State is reported to be Richard's favorite track of all time, and he does the remix justice. Aphex takes you to a acid-drenched jungle trip (with an awesome slap scratch break, if I must say) with wigged-out vocal gurgles and bleeps. Classic RDJ. On the B-side, he takes a stab at DJ Pierre's "Box Energy", blowing it up with 303 lines, breaks, and beats only Mr. James could put together. You'd be hard pressed to find a couple of remixes better than these.

2562 - Aerial (2008)

Detroit meets Berlin on this record, as Dave Huismans releases a dub techno classic under the guise of 2562. Layering dubbed-out chords over sub-bass beats, the rhythm bounces between Detroit house/techno and heavy dubstep, making these tunes more of a home listen than dancefloor. The incredible thing about this record is that it's a true record. Many dubstep artists have tried and failed at creating more than a hot 12" or EP; Huismans does this effortlessly.

New Zomby: “Balloon People,” “Operator” and “Galapagos”

From Fader Mag:

Leave it to Zomby to randomly put three new crazy ass songs on MySpace rather than whatever the newest way to give away music is—Soundcloud, Twitter, eating a flashdrive and pooping it into the ocean. Maybe he read about people not using MySpace anymore and decided that was a good reason to hide some songs on there or maybe he just makes so much good shit he can spread the wealth. Regardless and as usual, the three songs are as varied in style as they can possibly be, ranging from funky to kind of downtempo dub weirdness to, like, techno? Who knows. We’ll probably get yelled at by some British people in the comments for mislabeling them anyway, but THIS DUDE KNOWS NO LABELS, BRITISH PEOPLE. If you haven’t already read our cover interview with Zomby and listen to the new songs at MySpace.

February 16, 2010

Enduser - Calling The Vultures (2005)

I'm not sure what to say on this one, it's just that manic. It's a mix of leftfield trip hop, drum n bass, breakcore, and who knows what else. I have trouble even calling this album breakcore. At any rate, it's clear that Enduser is in a class of his own in whatever genre he chooses or refuses to be in. Full of melancholy sounds and samples, coupled with rhythm that I haven't really seen since Squarepusher's prime in the late '90s, Calling the Vultures is a fantastic album that any fan of drum n bass, breakcore, even hip hop would love.

CFCF - Continent (2009)

Incredible electronic, with a surprising side of synth pop and disco in the mix. Not usually a fan of this type of music, but this one grabbed me the second I heard it. Recommended greatly.

February 15, 2010

Cybotron - Clear (1983)

Once and a while you tumble across a record that leaves your jaw dropped! 'Clear' is the much acclaimed tune: phat electro with some vocoders advising you to clear your mind. Simply brilliant. But then you keep going and you discover an obsolete but stunning gloomy electro industrial track called 'Industrial Lies', loaded with haunting guitars and melodic strings layered on a nifty cold drum machine pattern. Definitely one of my new favorite tracks!
This disc is the irremovable part of electro history. True classical work.

February 13, 2010

Beefcake - Drei (2001)

"Drei" is one of those rare albums where harmonious versatility meets highest sound quality. This solid 78:30 recording represents itself a mixture of harsh IDM beats, melodic trip-hop pieces, complex drum-n-bass rhythms, grand orchestral fragments, cinematic sounds and what not! Listening to it at first time is like an adventure experience - you are involved and can never guess what happens next. Track 14 is probably the highlight of the album: "cheesy" female vocals sink in juicy distortions and then there goes some of the most breathtaking ambient/IDM/jungle pieces I've ever heard. An experienced listener will also recognize some familiar samples. For example, track 11 features an excerpt from Wojciech Kilar's Dracula OST ("Ascension") and track 13 uses the beginning of Namlook/Inoue's "Biotrip" from Shades of Orion 1. Too bad the album is so limited and takes the heck of a time to find.

Bonobo - Dial M for Monkey (2003)

An album of amazing downtempo. Mellow rhythms, syncopated beats, and some surprising sinister basslines, Bonobo definitely brings it on this one. He reminds me of Amon Tobin on this release, a lighter side to the dark drum n bass legend. There's such a depth of emotion here that you quickly forget how short some of the songs are, they're just that good. It's obvious great care was taken with this, and it shows. Grab!

Venetian Snares - Horsey Noises (2009)

Aaron Funk continues his return to form on his 2009 Horsey Noises EP. 4 tracks of the disgusting but amazing material we've come to expect from him. Sounds quite a bit like Last Step, his alias for Analord-style albums *dodges arrows* "Horsey Vag Island" is probably the best cut on here; at at the late 4-minute mark, the glitch melody Snares has put in fall off and out comes an incredible acid lead...hard to explain, it can only be heard. Recommended if you have enjoyed Venetian Snares' recent output 2007-on.

February 10, 2010

Update on Blog Comments

Comments have now been opened. It was a personal decision to keep them hidden, but I feel now is a good time to hear more from the people who make this blog what it is, the men and women (mostly men, I'm sure) behind the screens. So use them if you like, if you don't like, then whatever, they're there.

Noisia - Machine Gun Remixes (2010)

Great release by Noisia, who seem to be getting more and more popular these days. Superb remixes of their standout track "Machine Gun". Known for their drum n bass songs, the high bpm of "Machine Gun" will surprise fans at first, but all will quickly fall in love with the speaker-smashing, beat-heavy sounds it attacks you with. Out of all of the remixes, Amon Tobin's (yes, that Amon Tobin) shines in this EP. The incredible melodic take on the spastic track shows how original and creative Tobin can be when he puts his mind to things, and how good Noisia is at picking remixers, hehe. This isn't the last we'll see from Noisia, which is expected to release their debut LP Split the Atom sometime this year.

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Mira Calix - One on One (1999)

The wife of Sean Booth, one half of a little electronic group called Autechre. Her first full album, One on One seems to follow the output of Autechre during that point in time, but with just a bit more of an organic feel to it. The actual production rating is quite high, and it should be so, considering who her husband is. Songs like "Skin With Me" and my personal favorite "Sparrow" are great examples of Ms. Booth's penchant for organic and nature-based sounds, mixed in with abstract rhythms that hang tight enough to still tap your feet to. For people who couldn't stand Ae's genre-breaking sounds of Confield, but enjoyed how LP5's rhythms sounded, this would be a great release to check out.

Amutm - Prelude EP (2010)

Independent release. Some strong ambient tones here, with a rhythm that I can only describe as quasi-Autechre. This is probably the closest to Autechre I've heard in quite a while, but the kicker is the incredible melodies placed throughout the record. So many styles, it's almost a disservice to give this release a genre. Recommended by all fans of ambient and abstract rhythm.

v/a - Alkalinear Records Compilation (2010)

The first compilation from Irish record label Alkalinear. I've been meaning to post some of their material on here for a while, but didn't know what to start with. This is a good very entry into their glitch/ambient electronic flavor. Very busy music here littered with ambient/minimal styles...features rising Internet stars Nonima, the Audiologist, Vektordrum (whose albums I shall be posting in the future, they are incredible), and others. 24 tracks of experimental music, give it a try, you just may fall in love with it.

February 9, 2010

Autechre - Oversteps Promo (2010)

This one is real, no doubt about it. And it's amazing. Sounds like Amber, LP5, and Incunabula had some sort of child together. A great throwback to their earlier melodic output but still showing that complex music we know and love. Pick this up!

Edit: Download link now contains cut-up files, instead of the one promo cut.

February 6, 2010

Aphex Twin - Joyrex Tape (1994)

Tracks ripped from DAT tape from 1994. Unreleased.

From Joyrex of WATMM (full excerpt can be found in .rar):

These tracks were hastily taped off of a DAT Richard had lying around in his house during a party (this was when Richard lived with several people, before the bank days), and Richard unfortunately had a bit too much and was asleep/unconscious, and one of the party goers decided to tape off one of his DATs to ironically, impress a girl! Having pulled off such a feat, the reaction from the girl in question was unfortunately "not impressed" and the cassette sat in a drawer for several years, no one really knowing what it was until a mate of a mate happened across it, played it, and realized what it was (the Ventolin track probably helped). Fast forward to about 3 or 4 years ago, and a kind soul decided to bestow this upon me in the form of a MD - and I've sat on it all this time, only making mention of it in the past couple of years.

Flying Lotus - Live Brainfeeder Radio Set (2007)

To whet everyone's (including myself) appetite for Flying Lotus' new album Cosmogramma, I came across an old folder of files I saved in October of 2007. It is a 4hr Brainfeeder live radio set done by Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, and Ras G. Includes a strong selection of tracks from Los Angeles (2009), but a plethora of beats that will probably never be heard again. A great listen, have fun!

(had to use Megaupload, sorry)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

February 4, 2010

Upcoming Release: Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma (April 2010)

From Pitchfork.com:

In an interview last month, Los Angeles beat mangler Flying Lotus told us a little bit about Cosmogramma, his forthcoming album: "I'm finally getting to the point where I can make the kind of records that I want to make-- that I wanted to make when I was younger, things that I dreamed about making. It's this fusion-y kind of thing where all the elements of the music that I love are there."

Warp will release Cosmogramma in the U.S. on May 4 and a day earlier in the UK. And hey, look who's on there! Some guy named Thom Yorke.

Yorke sings on a song called "...And the World Laughs With You". Other guests include vocalist Laura Darlington, who sang on previous FlyLo album Los Angeles, and jazz sax great Ravi Coltrane (who is Flying Lotus's cousin).

That image above is the cover art, and we've got the tracklist below.


01 Clock Catcher
02 Pickled!
03 Nose Art
04 Intro//A Cosmic Drama
05 Zodiac Shit
06 Computer Face//Pure Being
07 ...And the World Laughs With You [ft. Thom Yorke]
08 Arkestry

09 Mmmhmm [ft.Thundercat]
10 Do the Astral Plane
11 Satelllliiiiiteee

12 German Haircut
13 Recoiled
14 Dance Of the Pseudo Nymph
15 Drips//Auntie's Harp
16 Table Tennis [ft. Laura Darlington]
17 Galaxy in Janaki

Moderat - s/t (2009)

The long-awaited full-length collaboration of forward-thinking electro group Modeselektor and crafted electronic glitch/dream pop/who-knows-what-he's-doing-these-days musician Apparat does not disappoint. Blending styles of braindance, techno, dubstep and electro, Moderat will please any fans of either artist. It's nice to hear electro/techno beats with an inward-looking feel to them; Apparat's shoegaze/electronic sound is a great match for Modeselektor's action-packed thrust beats. Hopefully we'll hear much more from this pair.

February 3, 2010

Acidburp - The End (2010)

THEM Records release by producer Acidburp. Apparently his last album for quite some time, he brings the heat on this one. With a name like this one, you'd expect Caustic Window-style beats, fresh and littered with nonsense melodies tearing through your skull...but not here. Reminscient of Wisp and Boards of Canada, "The End" takes you on a ride with gleeful acid/ambient melodies and slow-but-sure drum rhythms. A great and surprising release.

February 2, 2010

Uncle Social - I Will Have Cake

An unknown Chicago-based artist's debut album on the great label Futonic Records, Uncle Social brings back the good ol' days of '90s industrial/rave/house/electro music. It's obvious that this man had been around during those times; this is much more than a tribute to those days, it's a step forward from them. Classic homegrown samples gives the album a "party-with-your-friends-in-the-basement" feel. It's noisy, it's beaty, it's a workout, and it's as fun as all get out. Futonic Records put it best: "We can’t think of a better way to close out the decade than with a shout out to its beginning."

The Bloody Beetroots - Romborama (2009)

The debut album of electronic duo The Bloody Beetroots. Have not heard this one too much, but from what I hear, it is just a modern take of classic electro, with a few spins on the genre. Delves deeply into rock at times, with time-stretched guitar samples. Hard-hitting, pulsating beats are all over this release; reminds me quite a bit of Justice, with more of a deep house feel. "Warp 1.9" has the elements to be a modern electro classic (Their new single "Warp 1977" destroys this track, in my opinion), perfect for dancefloors all over the world. If you want a throwback to hardcore electro/house and want to pump your fist at the computer desk, pick this up.

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February 1, 2010

Four Tet - There Is Love In You (2010)

I normally would not post Four Tet in such a blog, but as of late, Mr. Hebden has been leaning more and more towards the dance/house style, and it finally sees its shining moment in this release. Four Tet shows not one sign of rust on the crazy house jam "Love Cry", a nine-minute sprawl of dequantized drum loops and airy vocals. Even in such a drastic change from the "folktronica" of his essential releases Rounds and Pause, there is still an element of his old sound evident in the album. His first full album in five years, and best release since then.

Biosphere - Substrata (1997)

A short break from acid to bring you the classic ambient album of the '90s, one of the few you will ever need in your collection. The atmospheric tones in this release are superb, and it's obvious that Biosphere handled this with care and patience. It makes one feel so connected with nature; you really can't help but sit and listen in awe as the soundscapes rush all around you. Most of Biosphere's music is labeled as dark ambient, but I don't see it here. If mankind ever was to evolve, this album would be required listening by all. Pick it up.

Still listening to Ceephax's new release, by the way. And you better be too.

Ceephax Acid Crew - United Acid Emirates (2010)

Forget everything I've ever posted here. If you don't have this in your collection, you are a retarded loser and you don't deserve to listen to any more music until the day you die. The best Ceephax album. PERIOD. I don't know what's going on here, but it's absolutely incredible. The acid, the incredible synth runs....and ambient? In my Ceephax? Album-wise, this tops Aphex's Analord EPs. There, I said it. The best acid/funk/ambient/who knows what this is album of the decade, the best album I've heard in forever, the best album of 2010.

Go get this now, or I will never post a single thing again.