February 21, 2010

Danger - 9/17 2007 EP (2010)

Danger is the alias of Franck Rivoire, an electro producer from Lyon, France. His work is influenced by both video game music and 80s soundtracks. Danger strives to paint pictures of particular settings and time periods with his music. On his third EP, 9/17 2007, the atmosphere is dark, urban, and modern. About the imagery behind standout track "4h30," Danger said, "I imagine myself walking down a dark alley, alone, while a group of cyberpunks dressed in a Madmax style stare at me, I see Harrison Ford investigating [from Blade Runner], and Maurice Dantec [science fiction writer]." The entire EP is a fantastic example of bangin' electro music in the style of Kavinsky. Pick it up!

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