February 4, 2010

Moderat - s/t (2009)

The long-awaited full-length collaboration of forward-thinking electro group Modeselektor and crafted electronic glitch/dream pop/who-knows-what-he's-doing-these-days musician Apparat does not disappoint. Blending styles of braindance, techno, dubstep and electro, Moderat will please any fans of either artist. It's nice to hear electro/techno beats with an inward-looking feel to them; Apparat's shoegaze/electronic sound is a great match for Modeselektor's action-packed thrust beats. Hopefully we'll hear much more from this pair.


Ryan said...

Track 10 is corrupt for me. Is that a fault on my side or over there?

Keep The Streets Empty For Me said...

Not sure. I'll re-upload here.