February 2, 2010

The Bloody Beetroots - Romborama (2009)

The debut album of electronic duo The Bloody Beetroots. Have not heard this one too much, but from what I hear, it is just a modern take of classic electro, with a few spins on the genre. Delves deeply into rock at times, with time-stretched guitar samples. Hard-hitting, pulsating beats are all over this release; reminds me quite a bit of Justice, with more of a deep house feel. "Warp 1.9" has the elements to be a modern electro classic (Their new single "Warp 1977" destroys this track, in my opinion), perfect for dancefloors all over the world. If you want a throwback to hardcore electro/house and want to pump your fist at the computer desk, pick this up.

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