February 13, 2010

Beefcake - Drei (2001)

"Drei" is one of those rare albums where harmonious versatility meets highest sound quality. This solid 78:30 recording represents itself a mixture of harsh IDM beats, melodic trip-hop pieces, complex drum-n-bass rhythms, grand orchestral fragments, cinematic sounds and what not! Listening to it at first time is like an adventure experience - you are involved and can never guess what happens next. Track 14 is probably the highlight of the album: "cheesy" female vocals sink in juicy distortions and then there goes some of the most breathtaking ambient/IDM/jungle pieces I've ever heard. An experienced listener will also recognize some familiar samples. For example, track 11 features an excerpt from Wojciech Kilar's Dracula OST ("Ascension") and track 13 uses the beginning of Namlook/Inoue's "Biotrip" from Shades of Orion 1. Too bad the album is so limited and takes the heck of a time to find.

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sneakers otoole said...

Amazing album.

I still want the original though. In the tote bag. It's on ebay but I can't afford it.