February 6, 2010

Aphex Twin - Joyrex Tape (1994)

Tracks ripped from DAT tape from 1994. Unreleased.

From Joyrex of WATMM (full excerpt can be found in .rar):

These tracks were hastily taped off of a DAT Richard had lying around in his house during a party (this was when Richard lived with several people, before the bank days), and Richard unfortunately had a bit too much and was asleep/unconscious, and one of the party goers decided to tape off one of his DATs to ironically, impress a girl! Having pulled off such a feat, the reaction from the girl in question was unfortunately "not impressed" and the cassette sat in a drawer for several years, no one really knowing what it was until a mate of a mate happened across it, played it, and realized what it was (the Ventolin track probably helped). Fast forward to about 3 or 4 years ago, and a kind soul decided to bestow this upon me in the form of a MD - and I've sat on it all this time, only making mention of it in the past couple of years.

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Mike said...

do you want the flacs for these?