February 17, 2010

New Zomby: “Balloon People,” “Operator” and “Galapagos”

From Fader Mag:

Leave it to Zomby to randomly put three new crazy ass songs on MySpace rather than whatever the newest way to give away music is—Soundcloud, Twitter, eating a flashdrive and pooping it into the ocean. Maybe he read about people not using MySpace anymore and decided that was a good reason to hide some songs on there or maybe he just makes so much good shit he can spread the wealth. Regardless and as usual, the three songs are as varied in style as they can possibly be, ranging from funky to kind of downtempo dub weirdness to, like, techno? Who knows. We’ll probably get yelled at by some British people in the comments for mislabeling them anyway, but THIS DUDE KNOWS NO LABELS, BRITISH PEOPLE. If you haven’t already read our cover interview with Zomby and listen to the new songs at MySpace.

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