February 18, 2010

Burial - Rarities & Unreleased

We all know who Burial is, and if you don't know, then shame, shame on you. Arguably the most famous (and mysterious) dubstep/post-garage artist in the world, Burial creates atmospheres of hopelessness, dread, all the while surrounding himself with broken beats and ethereal vocals that sound near ghostly.

Here is a collection of some Burial rarities, some which can only be found in radio mixes or on Youtube, all here for your downloading pleasure. Have at it!

True Love VIP
Lambeth (played on Benji B's 1xtra Show)
Untitled Track II (played on Benji B's 1xtra Show)
Feral Witchchild (sample)
Archangel (8-Bit Boy Remix)
Archangel (Leif Remix)

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