February 8, 2011

The Future Sound of London - Accelerator (1991)

A classic of epic proportions. This LP was way, way ahead of its time. Considering that a lot of these tracks were on previous EPs and predating the LP by a couple of years even, you can't help but be astounded. "Papua New Guinea". It is the full version too. That track alone never fails to send a shiver down the spine and set off feelings of all encapsulating joy. Show me one LP of electronic music from the same year that comes anywhere even slightly near to sniffing around its heels and I'll eat my hat. A piece of electronica history that without any doubt paved the way for many followers. Warp Records in 1991 didn't even get near this! An absolute giant killer.


slinky said...

from 1991:

Kraftwerk - The Mix

Orb - Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld

Orbital - Orbital

Plaid - Mbuki Mvuki

LFO - Frequencies (Warp Records)

GezaCsath said...

Never heard it, thanks.