May 2, 2011

Upcoming Album: Vektroid - Starcalc (2011)

Debut LP from producer Vektroid (formerly known as Vektordrum). “An experimental response to artists like Com Truise and Ford & Lopatin and the late 80s new age/soundscape movements," it brings memories of early arcade game soundtracks, all slightly dark, with some splendid hip hop beat patterns to keep the whole thing tight and nicely fraying towards the end after the princess has been rescued. His previous EP, TELNET EROTIKA, is freely available here.

Two tracks from the album have been leaked so far, with the album slated for release on May 13, via Bandcamp. Much more info on the album is available at his Tumblr, linked below.


Jah Rizla said...

Here's a link for you, why wait?

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