January 20, 2010

Fah - The Switch On My SH-101 (2009)

Envmod Records does it again! Another release by one of my personal favorites, The Switch on My SH-101 hearkens back to the glory days of acid music, pure and unfiltered squelch. This puts a really great spin on those olden days of acid, making them much more experimental and electro-based. Done with nothing but an ancient Roland SH-101 (you can hear the notes die out at the end, I love it!), this throws Fah into the small circle of producers that really do acid music justice. Highlights on this album include "The Switch on My SH-101 (I Fucking Flicked It)", "I Can't Dance" (which is ironic, because this song would make anyone hit the floor), and "Lost Rave".

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