January 21, 2010

The Tuss - Confederation Trough EP + Rushup Edge (2007)

Does this even need an introduction? The venerable Richard D. James (yes, this is him) releases another braindance mindmelt under the guise "The Tuss" (once you know the meaning, there really is no doubt that it is him), pushing out two releases. If I had to guess, I would say this could possibly be RDJ and Cylob perhaps, but we may never know.

Confederation Trough is drenched is acid, that's the only way I can put it. Very uneasy, discordant melodies with a soft dance beat, this EP is perfect for warm nostalgia. Aphex sounds more Aphex than himself here, if that makes any sense. "Fredugolon 6" sounds like a great Analord outtake, while "GX1 Solo" is fresh with hard-to-find rhythms; I'd like to see you try to dance to 6/8! Incredible release by the king of braindance music.


While Confederation Trough is an amazing record, Rushup Edge blows it out of the water without regard for any life. The second you listen to this record, you'll demand more from every other electronic artist out there. "Last Rushup 10" will have you lying in bed for hours wondering what in the world just happened in that song, and let's not forget "Rushup I Bank 12", which is as good as any Aphex track released in the past 7 or 8 years. Every track has been tweaked to perfection; creative synth work, brilliant drum programming, innovative melodies, and that rich Aphex groove that we all know and love. One of the best recordings that Rephlex has ever churned out, Rushup Edge truly defines the sound of a musician at the top of his game.

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