April 12, 2010

All-new Zomby tracks, including a collaboration with Actress (2010)

From Fader Mag:

However difficult you want to say Zomby is (not more than a couple hours ago he went on an extended twitter rant about meatheads, dubstep, journalists and Ableton), dude continues to push boundaries in all sorts of different directions. His trick is that it’s all wildly listenable and accessible—and, ultimately genreless. Unless you want to just call it dance music, which it is. Who knows if either “She Loves Me” or “She Loves Me Not” will ever be released on any kind of record, but for now you can stream them below or directly (along with a brief, significantly smoother untitled track) from his Soundcloud page.

Zomby keeps busy with a couple new collabos with another recent favorite Actress and a handful of insane solo jungle tracks that weirdly just gave us a flashback to Tower Records circa 1997.

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