April 1, 2010

Vektordrum - Discret Night Signals (2010)

Rand 1: A nice intro to the rest of the album, sets the mood quite well
Rand 2: A dark, almost brooding ambient piece, with a very subtle 4/4 bass note (not exactly a kick, but just a bass), which is probably why it’s one of my favorite songs of the album.
Rand 3: Makes me think of the color blue, but a lighter shade, it also makes me feel that way. This is definitely going on my driving playlist. This is my favorite tune on the album, hands down.
Rand 4: This is my mental image when listening to this song: Seeing a futuristic spaceship take off just after the sun has set, and then walking through it, and looking at everything.
Rand 5: A good interlude, similar to the first track, but it seems to have more structure.
Rand 6: I’m not really sure how to describe this one.
Rand 7: I expected this one to go into full-on breakcore, due to the synth used on an older song, but it stayed fairly ambient. Really cool idea.
Rand 8: It’s similar to the lushness of track 3, but a little louder. I like it a lot, probably my second favorite of the album.
Celadon, movements 1-5: The opening bit of the first one made me think of holding hands with the girl I like, so I would consider that a plus. It then goes into a cross between the brighter lushness of tracks 3 and 8, but with the 4/4 bass of track 2, and then some hats. I think it’s a very good mix. It then goes into all ambient/drone. It sounded quite nice. I think these are going onto that driving playlist, too.

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