April 27, 2010

Caribou - Swim (2010)

So you say you loved Andorra, but you don't trust Dan Snaith because the sneaker bugger never does the same thing twice? Good call. However, if Dan Snaith is known for anything, it should be for being able to live and breathe whatever musical genre he is currently digging. When he was heavy into dreamy '60s psych pop, we got the brilliance that is Andorra. Now, Snaith has been getting his groove on to dark electro dance music, and true to his craft, he has expertly synthesized what he knows and turned it into a fresh and unique take on the genre. First track "Odessa" happens to be both my favorite song on the album and simultaneously the most accessible one. I hope this doesn't reflect poorly on my cred. The rest of the album takes a darker, pulsing turn, with stretched out melodies belying very intricate production. With help from guys like Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys and Four Tet, you should expect no less. Yet another great album for 2010.

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