March 7, 2010

Amutm - Ambient4 (2010)

Another great release from Amutm, this one going a more ambient route:

"I've spent quite some time on this one, but I feel it's my strongest ambient release. It's a very daydreamy album (hence the title) and is good for general relaxation, there's no "bad vibes" to be heard in the 70+ minutes of this release. The songs are also arranged in logical order in terms of sound, they lose structure as they go along with the last few tracks being generally quite textural and dense. Also, for anyone that heard my first ambient album way back when as Mesh Gear Fox, you may also notice that Midnight at the Aquarium makes a return in an updated form. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!"

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drthatguy said...

man who is this? you must stalk WATMM, I've noticed you've reviewed a couple of my albums now. thanks! I'm glad you like 'em too.

Keep The Streets Empty For Me said...

You know who I am...tee hee