March 1, 2010

Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger (2008)

Lambs Anger
is an absorbingly fun and exhilarating album. Contained within are solid, hard, over-compressed, in-your-face dance tracks. It's bizarre and unique mix of elements reminiscent of old skool, hard techno, mixed with the quirk in dance music the French are famous for, and some funk, and some weird experimental noise.

The somewhat downtempo and askew rhythms make these tracks slam in an undeniably crazy way - you'll be bobbing your head and pumping your fist wherever you listen to this. Tracks are over-compressed to perfection, the rhythms ducking the rest of the track to gel into a funky, flowing mass. Yet this has been achieved without the obnoxious hyper-loudness-maximizing going on in most records right now. It's loud, but very listenable and not ear-straining - an impressive effort, grab!

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