March 7, 2010

Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers (1996)

For this album, Aphex and mu-ziq cheese it up and make some pretty groovy and bizarre tracks. I heard that Mike & Rich made this album in a weekend, tripping on some psychedelics (acid or shrooms, but who knows). Could be BS, but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

"Mr. Frosty" makes a great opener. Very funky, and one of the most listenable songs on the album. "Upright Kangaroo" includes belching sounds in its melody. It makes sense though, in this surreal aesthetic they've created for themselves.

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metatim said...

classic right here.... so good, it's great how neither one dominates.... it's not quite either one of them, know what i mean?

Keep The Streets Empty For Me said...

I agree 100%. You don't hear too much of a RDJ or mu-ziq in this one, it's odd, but shows how well they work together. It's nuts to think how they could have done this in a weekend.

Nikolai said...

Richard stated in an interview somewhere that this was one of the few albums he did while high, having written almost the entirety of it while on LSD.