March 10, 2010

Dabrye - Two/Three (2006)

Dabrye takes a much more definitive step into the hip-hop world with Two/Three, his second full album for Ghostly International. Unlike his 2001 debut One/Three, the MCs take center stage here, and Dabrye's intricate production takes a more subdued role. For instance, the thrumming darkness on "Encoded Flow" or the pinball machine of "That's What's Up" seem to get subsumed beneath the lyrics. The back and forth of "Viewer Discretion" and "Get It Together" melds the two much better, balancing the sounds with the dueling lyricists so that the three complement each other; "Reconsider" also works well. Dabrye shines most on his instrumentals, like on the bouncy "Tell Dem" or the mysterious, guitar-stabbed "Jorgy." "Piano" seems to have no piano in its whatsoever -- not that it's a problem with such a funky track. A little bit of something for everyone here...

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