March 3, 2010

I Have Two Wolves Inside of Me - Dead Dog in the Grass (200?)

Some of the most organic-sounding, natural electronic I've heard, definitely. Extremely hard to find, given to me from a family member from a friend, it is extremely dense, and will give your mind quite a melt if listened to carefully. "A Cat and His Bell" is my favorite to listen to on this album; it starts off dark and dense, but slowly delves into light, atmospheric sounds that most couldn't think of. What's most impressive is that all of this was done with hardware/field samples, as far as I know. It has quite a bit of styles to it, ranging from straight guitar samples, shooting to ambient, to near-breakbeat/nonsense at times. I'm sure this is just a demo of to-be-worked-on tracks; the mixing is not very well done and is horrible at times, but if you can ignore the occasional loud notes, you'll find a very experimental (proves that not all experimental electronic has to be glitchy) album which could give you new appreciation in the creation of electronic music.

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hey how did you find our record?