March 1, 2010

The Field - Yesterday and Today (2009)

More minimal techno from our friend The Field, this time releasing a 6-track album that runs almost an hour long. This album is a force to be reckoned with, clearly showing the strong progressions Axel Wilner has made in his production efforts. While not as raw and emotional as the soon-to-be 2007 classic From Here We Go Sublime, Yesterday and Today makes it clear that The Field has honed in the best parts of his sound and filled it with richer production. Less constant loops, more variation as a whole. The opening track "I Have The Moon, You Have The Internet" should be listened to based on title alone. "Yesterday and Today" is probably my favorite cut on the album, which starts off like a couple of tracks from Sublime, but soon sets off into near drum-and-bass at times. Brilliant album, and a great sign of things to come from Wilner.

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