March 31, 2010

Chris Clark - Ceramics Is The Bomb (2003)

Indeed a fine release from a guy who had the weight of the electronic world on his shoulders after his extraordinary Clarence Park debut on Warp. Being hailed as the new Aphex is a double edged sword, and I think Chris certainly sharpened the correct edge if 'Ceramics...' is anything to go by. Incredibly beautiful and textured melodies work in perfect harmony with digital chaos and tomfoolery as Clark delivers an EP that sweeps without losing focus and wandering into noodly and needlessly noisy territories. I suppose Aphex is the easiest comparison, but Clark has enough edge and creativity to deserve solo recognition without the 'new Aphex' tag. For me it is 'The Gavel' that stands out on this EP. Haunting soundscapes merge and phase until a ferocious beat hammers relentlessly (The Gavel in question?) whilst sub bass groans battle with manic digital staccato-like glitches. Gorgeously disturbing.

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